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A recent landmark decision by the High Court has ruled that the presence of a Wi-Fi transmitter box in a warehouse can be used legitimately to secure an additional empty property rate-free period of 6 months.  The judgement in

Sunderland City Council v Stirling Investment Properties LLP

is welcome news for investors, landlords and absentee tenants who are struggling to find new occupiers for their premises.

The installation of a Wi-Fi transmitter box, measuring 10cm x 10cm x 5cm, to send marketing and advertising text to mobile phones, does constitute legitimate occupation of the building, notwithstanding its small size. Its removal, after 43 days, entitled the landlords for a renewed period of empty rates relief of 6 months for the industrial premises (or 3 months for offices or retail premises).

Howard Elliott of bdt’ Rating Department said, “This judgement goes even further than last summer’s Makro ruling, which concerned the cash & carry chains use of just 0.2% of the floor space of a large former retail warehouse in Coventry. An even more limited physical presence in the Stirling case was held to be sufficient to trigger the further rates holiday.”

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