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BUSINESS RATES UP AGAIN!With today’s announcement of inflation with CPI at 5.2% and RPI at 5.6% we can predict that the upper rates multiplier for England next year will be 0.457. Wales could be slightly higher still and Scotland are likely to follow England’s example.The Anticipated Timetable:EnglandLate November to December communities and Local Government due to publish provisional UBR. Late December to late January Parliament approves actual UBR, the supplement and the value of Q is published by communities and Local Government.Early March 2012 City of London to confirm the City of London levy charge. Early in the new year 2012 any changes to the Cross Rail (BRS) levy will be announced by Greater London Assembly. We expect this to remain unchanged since this is a long term funding initiative.ScotlandRate bills not normally produced before May and the policy in recent years has been to mirror English UBR’s. In February 2012 Scottish Assembly due to publish confirmed UBR’s.WalesFebruary 2012 Welsh Assembly due to publish UBR’s.Howard Elliott of BDT’s Rating Department says that “this is another blow for businesses throughout the United Kingdom. The unprecedented high level of inflation comes at an extremely bad time as the September RPI figures are used for the April multiplier. This is one of the biggest single year increases in the multiplier on record and means that it is even more important to maximise exemptions and relief and minimise rateable values”.For further information on billing or appeal issues, please contact Howard on 01256 840777.


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