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The September RPI was released yesterday, this is likely to set the new non-domestic rating multipliers for 2013/14.  The Retail Price Index annual inflation stands at 2.6% in September 2012.


The provisional 2013/14 lower UBR is 0.462p.
Assuming the supplement remains the same at 0.008p the provisional 2013/14 upper UBR is 0.470p


Last year Scotland used the same value for England, we suspect that this will remain in tandem.


Based on 2.6% RPI, the provisional UBR for Wales is 0.464p.

Although these increases are no surprise, it will be a further blow to businesses who are already struggling under an ever increasing rates burden says Howard Elliott, Head of BDT’s Rating Department.

More may be revealed in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement due on 5th December, but the figures are likely to remain provisional until they receive Royal Assent early next year.


17th October 2012



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